According to the Organic Law 15/99, from December 13, on protection of Personal Data, it is informed to the petitioner that the data picked up through the registration enabled by MONO FILMS, S.L. in the Web developed to make the petitioner be able to send their comments, photos, and/or videos in relation to the show provisionally denominated "ACES", and obtained through the web page (from now on, the Web), they will be included on a data file of personal character created by and under the responsability of MONO FILMS, S.L.

The entity responsible of the file is MONO FILMS, S.L., with CIF B84723675, finding the self empowered to give them to Thirds with the finality to make marketing campaigns directed to the users. This data assignment to the specifical ending of marketing will imply the expressed acceptance of the User, who will receive a mail from the above in order to confirm in an express way the desire to receive this information. This consentment will always and in any case revocable.

Equally, the user agrees that MONO FILMS, S.L. send informative mails to the users whose data has been given to the entity.

The data base of MONO FILMS, S.L. will be composed of all the personal data (including videos, sms, pictures and/or comments) provided by the interested. Their finality is to allow the participation of the interested who wish to participate in this section of the Web related to the show provisionally denominated "ACES".

Likewise, the User is informed that MONO FILMS S.L. will be able to publish the SMS the Users send to the Web. In this sense, the data (including videos, sms, photos and/or comments) will be treated in order to be published on the Web. Equally, the petitioner is informed that the rest of the Web's Users will be able, in his case, to access their personal data and/or share the information they wish. To avoid this access, the petitioner is liable for activating the necessary privacy level to avoid such access, thus the petitioner will control with which users to share this information under his own risk.

The petitioner. authorizes MONO FILMS S.L. exclusively and with the power of authorizing Third Parties, without territorial restriction and untill its entrance into public domain, to the fixation, reproduction, distribution, public communication, disposition and transformation of the image included on the videos and/or photos he/she provides, all of this for exploitation through any medium and/or system, and particularly, including but not limited to mobile, television, on line and video-graphic exploitation.


Likewise, the petitioner authorizes MONO FILMS S.L. with the power of authorizing Third Parties, to publish on the Web the comments that he or she will make regarding the "ACES" show, both to the show itself as to its protagonists. The petitioner accepts that such comments will be of his/her exclusive liability; in relation to these, in any case they can`t entail racist, xenophobic or pornographic connotations, justify terrorism or threaten the human rights in general, reserving MONO FILMS S.L. the right to immediately eliminate them.

The petitioner manifest that he or she reached the age of majority or, in any case, older than sixteen (16) years old, and that he or she has his/her legal representatives' consent to participate, in addition that the petitioner and, in case of being under age, his/her legal representatives' have read and accepted the current document's conditions. In no case, minors under 16 years old will be able to register in the Web.

Finally, the interested may exercise the rights of the access, rectification, cancelation and opposition according to what L.O. 15/1999, of December 13th, on personal data protection, establishes for the included data within file belonging to MONO FILMS S.L. through a simple and free mean by sending an email to the following email address:

The User declares to have read this General Conditions and accept them integrally.

You are entering Soccer Aces' User guide, where you will find all the information related to the web page's adequate use, as well as its all its products.

1.- Services provided through the Crackstv web site.

Monofilms. s.l offers services and entertainment contents' downloads through its SMS and wap services for compatible mobile phones. The contents' price is communicated on the web next to each one of them. Currently the SMS cost is established in 1,39€ + VAT and the 905 phone line cost is established in 1,39€+ VAT from landline and 1,91€+ VAT from mobile line. Some contents require the sending of more than one sms for its download which is properly communicated on the Web, In these cases, the final cost is multiplied by the number of User's sent messages. Regarding the subscription services, once activated, the User periodically receives messages that allows him/her to download contents (games, videos, real sounds, polyphonic, wall papers, animations,) at a lower cost than usual. 0,30€ + VAT per received message. The multimedia contents' download might entail Operator's added cost.

Monofilms s.l. does not provide services for mobiles using roaming services,

Monofilms s.l. provides such services solely and exclusively to users from national Operators within Spain.

Monofilms s.l. reserves the right to unilaterally cancel any of the contents, services or utilities incorporated in the web site.

2.- Liability for the content's access and use that circulate within Internet.

Monofilms s.l. does not guarantees, regardless of its source, the quality, accuracy, reliability, data correction or morality, programs, information or opinions that circulate through its net or nets that the User might access through the portal site. The User accepts that Monofilms s.l is not subject to any liability related to the web site

The User assumes under his/her own liability the consequences, damages or actions that might result from accessing to such contents as well as their reproduction or spreading.

Monofilms s.l shall not be liable for any User's infractions that might affect the rights of other User or third parties, including rights of copyright, brand, patents, confidential information and any other intellectual or industrial property right. This limited guarantee and the above liability limitation will not affect or damage the User's imperative rights that legislate within his/her place of residence.

3.- Liability for the use of links through the web site.

Monofilms. s.l shall not be liable neither for the technical availability nor for the web pages' contents the User might access through a link included in web site.

Monofilms s.l. shall not be liable for the caused damages to the User by the query or use of contents or provided services by a web site which access might have occurred through a link provided on the web site.

4. Intellectual and Industrial Property (Copy Right)

The User acknowledges that the elements and utilities integrated within the web site are protected by the copy right legislation and the intellectual and industrial property rights on themselves are entitle to In consequence, the Users agrees to respecct the terms and conditions established by the current General Terms of Use, being the only responsible for its non-fulfillment against Third Parties. The User acknowledges that the reproduction, modification, distribution, commercialization, decompiling, disassembling, use of reverse engineering techniques or any other mean to obtain its source code, transformation or publication of any non-authorized reference tests' results of the elements and utilities integrated within Monofilms s.l web site, constitutes an infringement of rights on intellectual property, forcing the User, not to carry out any of the mentioned actions.

The property tittle and rights of Monofilms s.l. web site will belong in any case to www.cracktvs,com in such a way that the User commits not to delete or alter any distinctive sign used as a branch or commercial name (graphic, logotype, etc. ). Elements protected by the copyright and other Monofilms s.l. warnings, captions. symbols or labels that appear on

Likewise, the User acknowledges that the information that he or she can access through the service, might be protected by the intellectual property rights, industrial or of any other sort. Unless an specific agreement between the parties, the User agrees to use such information exclusively to his or her own needs and make no, direct or indirect, a commercial exploitation of the services that he/she has access to or of the results obtained through the use of web site

The User binds not to use the facilities and capabilities of Monofilms s.l web site, to carry out or suggest activities forbidden by the Law or try to win over the service's Users to other competitor services. Likewise, the User is responsible for extending the fulfillment of these clauses to any other person authorized by he or she to use the service.

The user shall refrain to carry out any behavior in the use of Monofilms s.l web site, which infringes Monofilms s.l. intellectual or industrial property rights or Third Parties, or that violates or transgress the honor, personal or family privacy or Third Parties' images, or that are illicit or in conflict with morality, and will in all cases harmless Monofilms s.l against any claim. judicial or extra-judicial, made against Monofilms s.l as a result of such use.

The User shall refrain from conducting, through the use of Monofilms s.l web site, any destruction, alteration, cancelation or data damage, programs or electronic documents belonging to Monofilms s.l, to its suppliers or third parties, as well as introducing or spreading on the Net programs, viruses, applets, Active X controllers or any other physical or electronic instrument or devise that cause or are susceptible to cause any kind of alteration within the Net, system or third parties equipments. Equally, It is specifically forbidden any kind of activity or practice that transgress the good behavior principles generally accepted among Internet users.

In the event that any of the presented contents in the web, belongs to a Third Party and that this Third Party so notifies it and proves it to Monofilms s.l., Monofilms S.l will immediately remove the contents if its owner so requests, being free Monofilms s.l. against possible claims.

5.- Moniflms s.l liability for the provision of service.

Monofilms shall not be liable for any damage incurred to the User in case of failure to provide the service subject to the current General Terms of Use in cases of unforeseen circumstances, force majure or other imputable to the company. Nor Monofilms s.l shall be liable for the malfunctioning of the web if this is due to maintenance, incidences that might affect the telephone operators, a faulty configuration of the User's equipments or their insufficient capacity to withstand the essential systems to make use of service.

In the case of mobile's text messages services among users, MONOFILMS S.L is not liable for the content of those messages, being the exclusive responsibility of one using the aforementioned service. MONOFILMS S.L will take the necessary measures to ensure a swift response to the inquiries, but MONOFILMS S.L can't be liable for delays attributable to telecommunication services or the information supplier, nor guarantee the delivery of answers within a fixed deadline. In order to receive the requested information the user must follow the exposed syntax rules, have at his or her disposal a telephone line with capacity to send and receive short messages and have hired a mobile number in Spain. MONOFILMS S.L reserves the right to include in the messages it sends a brief advertisement information. Likewise, for the use of the Services, the user accepts that MONOFILMS S.L sends him/her advertisement messages or auto-promos. THE USER ACCEPTS AND AGREES THAT MONOFILMS S.L CAN REGISTER AND COMMUNICATE THIRD PARTIES THEIR INQUIRIES TO ALLOW, IN ITS CASE, CUSTOMIZATION OF PRODUCED BIDS. THE USER WILL BE ABLE TO EXERCISE THE RIGHTS OF ACCESS, RECTIFICATION, CANCELATION, AND OPOSITION THAT THE SPANISH LAW RECOGNIZES. MONOFILMS S.L IS LIABLE FOR THE PROCESSING.

6.- Conflict Resolution

The competent courts shall be the courts of the city of Madrid. The user renounces the jurisdiction that might apply.

7.- Liability exclusion

Monofilms s.l has the faculty to modify, suspend and/or end at any time and for whatever technical or legal reason might be, the distribution of Contents and types of functioning and operations for the provided services without notice.

Monofilms s.l, in spite its constant efforts aimed to improve the product's quality, cannot assure either the accuracy or the timeliness of the distributed content through the web site.

• 8.- Use limitation

1. The user that might want to include a link to one of the sites of Monofilms s.l, web in his/her own web site must request authorization to MONOFILMS S.L. It is forbidden to modify, publish, rebroadcast, sell, copy, create extracts, distribute or display by any means any part of this Content in the Network, except for exclusive personal use. The User commits in addition no to use the Web Content to develop any type of activity, with or without valuable consideration, that might represent a competition to

9.- Liability limitation

Monofilms s.l cannot be considered liable for the events, acts or damages, direct or indirect, that might produce to the User or third parties as a consequence of the Web's Content use.

Monofilms. s.l. declines any liability for any damages of any kind that might be due to the presence of an computer virus or any other harmful element within the contents and/or available software programs on the web, given the impossibility to previously control all the Contents and/or available software programs on the web and assure their integrity.

Monofilms s.l is not liable for the content of possible external sites to the web and accessible through links or hypertexts, including the sites that are accessible through the advertising banners.

Monofilms s.l. cannot be, at any case, considered liable for possible damages and losses of any kind that the User considers it has suffered as a consequence of the wrong operation of any service offered on the web or for the not reception of information and/or its inaccuracy or incompletion. The User makes use of the Contents and the distributed and proposed Services through the Network under his own liability and risk.