About Soccer Aces …


Football Cracks is the First global program dedicated to football (soccer) with a reality show format, clearly geared to discovering the talent of its contestants. The project is looking for promising figures among youths across the world (aged 16 and over) who want to become professionals, and also among those who were about to become football stars and for some reason or other were unable to fulfil their dream.


With this goal in mind, Football Cracks offers these youths the opportunity of walking the path to success. And there is no better way to do this than alongside two top notch sponsors, Zinedine Zidane, one of the most admired football players of all time, alongside his own childhood idol, Enzo Francescoli, 'The Prince', the best Uruguayan football player in history.


The finalists of this edition who will enter the Academy will arrive in either of these two ways: on the one hand, the castings that will be held in different parts of Spain and America. And also, going one step further, Football Cracks 2011 has sent out scouts to look for the best footballers all over the planet. These two initiatives will give us the 18 participants in the finals of this second edition.


This year, at the Cracks Academy, the chosen 18 football talents will live together for 6 weeks, in the same way that a professional team would. The program facilities are located in Las Rozas, Madrid.

To provide them with the best personal and football training, fostering teamwork values, the Academy will have a strong team of professionals who will be in charge of managing and evaluating the finalists' development.


It should be noted that Football Cracks has a fully integrated on-off platform: the same contents are broadcast on the Internet, on TV and circulates via social media.

With over 116 million TV viewers in 23 countries, the first edition of Football Cracks was an innovative project with a great media impact, not only because of its quality audiovisual content but also thanks to the interactivity possibilities for users of social media at all levels and because of the natural integration of relevant brands.

It was an all-round success, as shown by the 8 million videos viewed in just three months (it was the most viewed Youtube channel in the world), followed online in 141 countries, with a coverage of 79 million views and over 60,000 fans in Facebook. These are just some of the data attesting to the great reception dispensed to this pioneering project, whose official website had 5 million individual users in just three months of the campaign.